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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Really glad I came to Austin

These last few days here at the ACA Conference have been a welcome respite from the turbulence of my life right now. Next Tuesday, my wife and I close on the first home we've ever owned. Within a month, we'll be moved, but my life will be hell between now and then. Meanwhile, I'm trying keep my consulting practice moving and contribute to the second consulting practice I have with my fantastic business partner. I have countless volunteer activities on my plate and, oh yeah, I was thinking that it might be nice to have life separate from all of the other stuff. I love everything that I'm doing these days, but it is a lot of stuff to keep organized.

Unfortunately, I need to leave Austin tomorrow morning and return to the real world. Naturally, I am looking forward to the really cute little shimmy I'll get from Wilbur, my devilish dachshund, when I walk through the door tomorrow afternoon, as well as to giving my wife a kiss when she comes home from work tomorrow evening. But I will be thinking about what's going on here in Austin, and feel really energized by the conversations I've had and the connections I've made here. I will be joining ACA and I look forward to getting more involved in the year ahead. I know it will be great fun.

Wait, didn't I just write something about my turbulent life? Oh well, such is the world of permanent white water! So, press forward kindred spirits, enjoy your remaining time together and everyone travel home safely.


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