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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Video Newsletters

OK….maybe I just wanted to be the 1st one to post something, but seriously I think this is a helpful tip for any business. I have started “Video Newsletters” for my business. The affordable technology available today is staggering compared to just a year or two ago.

These videos are shot with a couple hundred dollar camera from Circuit City, $300 lights, and free software. I am the writer, editor, cameraman….well the works….the entire production cast, and I am not a computer nerd. It is easy and anyone can do it. Right…..I know it is not Hollywood, but it is almost free and effective.

Think about all the ways you could do this to foster creativity at work. What about all of the product demonstrations you could put together and post on your company web site. A “Video Press Kit” ?… How about some interviews with some of your employees talking about what it is like to work there? How about some testimonials from your customers? How about a factory floor walkthrough?

My “Video Press Kit”

Here are some of my recent "Video Newsletters";

Watch Combination Creativity in action as the Aussies developed the Solar Sailor; a transportation vessel that uses solar power panels for both electricity and as sails!

Sometimes creativity just requires using some common sense. How did everyone miss this one?

What do the majority of Nobel Prize winners have in common?

If you think it has to be high tech and expensive; you’re wrong. Microsoft has more money than anyone and look at theirs;

Mark L. Fox


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